Geiciane Cintra de Souza Santos

AUTHOR: Geiciane Cintra de Souza Santos
TITLE: PHYSIOLOGICAL QUALITY OF Campomanesia adamantium AND Campomanesia pubescens SEEDS (QUALIDADE FISIOLÓGICA DE SEMENTES DE Campomanesia adamantium E Campomanesia pubescens)  
ADVISOR: Prof. Dr. Antônio Paulino da Costa Netto
APPROVAL DATE 08/19/2014



The aim of this work was to evaluate aspects of germination and vigor of seeds of two species of the genus Campomanesia (C. adamantium and C. pubescens). In the first experiment the physiological quality of seeds was evaluated in vitro using culture medium WPM (Wood Plant Medium) with different doses of sucrose (0, 20, 40 and 80 g.L-1). The experimental design was completely randomized in a 2x4 factorial design with two species and 4 doses of sucrose, with five repetitions. In a second experiment the design was completely randomized, arranged and sub-divided in the time portion, consisting of seeds harvested from fruits at three maturation stages (depending on the epicarp color) and two harvest dates (Nov/12 and Jun/13), with four replicates of 25 seeds. The presence of sucrose in the culture medium did not provide increments for germination. The seeds of C. adamantium germinated in culture medium supplemented with up to 20 g.L-1 showed high emergence and vigor level, and considerable increase in the number and roots length. The culture medium without the sucrose addition provided better physiological quality of C. pubescens seedlings. The two harvest seasons in different stages of fruit ripening, provided high levels of germination. Yellow epicarp color the stadium presented seeds with higher germination percentage and germination rate. Seeds from the fruiting period Nov/2012 had higher seed quality.


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